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4 Reasons to Change Your Cabin Air Filter This Spring

Your cabin Air filter is your vehicle’s most important line of defense against pollutants and air born pathogens found all over the roads. If filters the air that enters your vehicle through your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System (HVAC). It is recommended that you change your air filter Once a Year or every 12,000 miles of driving, whichever comes first. When not changed on a timely manner, cabin air filters lose their ability to filter as efficiently and get clogged with debris and other decomposing organic matter.

#1 Fewer Allergens

As spring starts and the weather gets warmer and pollen as well as other allergens in the air. The allergens that enter your vehicle can be greatly reduced with a fresh cabin air filter. This greatly reduces the chances of your spring allergies acting up as we enter the driving season and you spend more hours in your car.

#2 Pollution Reduction

As you sit in traffic or cruise down the road your HVAC system is pulling in pollution in the air from the exhaust of the cars driving in front of you on the road. A new cabin air filter will be able to capture much more of the pollution and smog from the other cars on the road. A new cabin air filter will ensure that the pollution stays outside your cabin and you breathe in the clean air free of dirt, smog, and other road pollution.

#3 HVAC Air Flow

As cabin air filters get overdue for replacement, they get clogged and don’t let the fans in your HVAC system push air to your cabin. So when you turn on your car’s air conditioning or heater the fan inside your dashboard has to work harder and spin faster to move the same volume of air compared to when you have a new cabin air filter installed. A fresh filter will allow your fan to move more air while spinning at lower speeds, making your cabin more quiet and reducing wear and tear on your fan as it spins slower speeds.

#4 Odor Reduction

Many times we get customers come into our shop with an odor complaint. They state that there are unpleasant odors in their cabin when they turn on their heater or air conditioner. Many times these unpleasant odors are caused by leaves that settle on top of their old cabin filter and start decomposing. On some special occasions we come across inspects or rodents that build nests and expire on top of the old cabin air filters. Then the unpleasant odors are caused by the insects or rodents decomposing on top of the old cabin air filters. This is prevented by changing your cabin air filter yearly as when the cabin air filter is changed all debris is vacuumed and cleared.

If you are experiencing strange smells or have any car related questions, feel free to contact us @ Tolimas Auto Center!

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