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Air Conditioning Recharge and Performance Testing $189.95 for R-134a!

Tolimas AC Recharge and Performance Testing

Have you noticed your car air conditioning isn’t working?

The R-134a refrigerant in your car’s air conditioning system has a limited life span. It needs to be recharged every couple of years, and if it completely leaks out of your HVAC system, your air conditioning will not work at all! This is why we offer recharge and performance testing for just $189.95 . We’ll recharge your R-134a refrigerant and perform tests on your A/C system to see how well it’s running!

You don’t want to have any problems with this important component of your vehicle – that’s why you should come see us today! Our service will help prevent future issues from developing while also saving you money by preventing expensive HVAC repairs down the road. And our knowledgeable staff will answer all of your questions about what might be going wrong with the A/C in no time at all.

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