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BMW Repairs

Everyone likes to save a dollar here and there on their BMW repairs and maintenance. Comparison shopping has never been easier with the internet. Some people will take their European automobile to a discount mechanic shop that only works of economy cars and fleet vehicles. Those types of shops make a habit of making economical repairs to maximize their profits and keep their low prices. They will glue broken plastic parts, use silicone instead of factory gaskets, and install the cheapest Chinese no brand name parts they can find. This leads to them offering cheaper quotes, but then gets expensive when their cheap repairs fail and your car has to be fixed again and again.

BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Mini, Land Rover, and Porsche don’t take well to improper repairs or cut corners. Original equipment parts guarantee the repairs will last. Attention to detail, experience, and following proper procedures with the right equipment is what allows us at Tolima’s Auto Center to make repairs that last.

Every so often we have a new car come in that has been the victim of shoddy repair work. Most it tends to be work where another shop cut corners and glued something in place or used the wrong fasteners to make the repair. As engine bays go through heat cycles the glue used to make the budget repairs weakens and the component will fail or leak again.

Then what? Will you take it back to the shop that did the shoddy repair in the first place?

Will the discount shop warranty their work or take a loss on the cost of doing the repair again and doing it properly this time?

We have seen shoddy repair work that is outright dangerous. We have had cars come in where a discount shop plugged a hole on a tire’s sidewall. The average person will not think anything of it, but plugging a tire’s sidewall is very dangerous as it compromises the structure of the tire. This can cause the tire to explode when driving at high speeds.

It is always a safe bet to bring your car to a shop experience with European cars as they have specialized computers, tools, and knowledge. Here at Tolima’s we have invested in being able to service European and some Exotic cars. We also invite you to compare our shop’s estimates versus that of the dealer. You will save thousands of dollars having your BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Land Rover, and Porsche repaired by us.

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