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Maintain Your Vehicle With Us

From simple oil and fluid changes to complex timing belt changes count on us for your basic and schedule vehicle maintenance.

Keeping up with you vehicle maintenance is paramount to keeping your car running longer and better. Let Tolima’s Auto Center take care of all your maintenance needs.

Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service

We provide oil change services for all brands and models with your choice of synthetic or conventional engine oils to choose from

Fluid Flush Service

Fluid Flushes

Transmission oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, and differential oil (if equipped) must be changed every couple of years to keep your car performing as good as new.

Spark Plugs and Coils

Tune Ups

Your engine operates with the help of many small components and sensors that wear out over thousands of miles. Once worn, these components can cause your car to run rough or set a check engine light. A tune up will keep your car running in top shape.

Manufacturer Scheduled Service

Scheduled Services

Many late model cars come with notifications for required services at specific mileages. Save hundreds by having schedule maintenance services performed by us!

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