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Oil Change Service

Why you should get your oil changed with us at Tolima’s Auto Center

People have many choices on where they can take their cars for an oil change. The difference between places is the level of service you get for your oil change. You get all new quality oil filters, seals, and washers that come with our oil change service. The added benefit comes from our master technicians checking over all fluid levels and looking over your vehicle. When our technicians perform your oil change they are trained to identify leaks, worn components, or any other issue that might arise in the future. During the oil change we check if there are leaks that might be forming from worn hoses or leaky gaskets. We check your brake linings, tires, and rims for safety. If we come across any worn components or something that might become an issue we let our customers know that they might have something that needs attention so they can have peace of mind and trouble free miles of driving the vehicles.

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