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Why You Should Replace a Weak Car Battery

Why You Should Replace a Weak Car Battery

Sometimes we notice that the battery in our car might be getting weak. We notice dimmer map lights at night and the car might take longer to start in the morning. Car batteries are expensive and can be a hassle to change to change or pay someone to change. So we tend to ignore the issue and as long as the car runs and drives we can wait. What many motorists don’t know is that a weak battery can cause different computer modules in your car to report faults. This will cause a warning light on your dashboard. It might set off an Anti-Lock Brake System light, a steering sensor fault, or many other dash lights to come on.

These dash lights might cost you hundreds of dollars on replacing components related to the dash light when the components actually work fine. It is just that your car’s electrical system can’t handle the load and supply the appropriate amount of voltage. When the battery is weak the computer modules in your car detect that there is something inconsistent with the voltage and set off fault and a dash light. This might cause a technician to mistakenly replace a good working component only to have the light come back in a few weeks.

Modern cars and older luxury cars are full of computers that monitor different systems in your car and they require a lot of electric power to run properly. Some cars are so computer heavy that they even require an auxiliary battery to run the car. With all the benefits that modern and luxury cars offer there are some negatives. One of those negatives is that the electrical systems are much more sensitive. That is why it is important to have a trusted mechanic that spends time properly diagnosing your car. Also better to have fresh batteries in your car to avoid a no start condition when your battery does goes too weak as winter is fast approaching. We invite you to get your battery load tested at Tolima’s Auto Center if you believe you have a weak battery.

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